Job Interview Tips to Clear Aptitude, Technical, and HR Round

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Job Interview Tips: Attending the job interview and coming back without getting selected. Again searching for the next walk-in or a drive to attend the interview but cannot clear the rounds. Further, you have practiced a lot and prepared well to clear all the rounds but failed again and again. However, in this article, I am going to share a very clear idea and basic tips to clear the Aptitude, Technical and HR rounds. While there are many other job Interview rounds such as Telephonic, operation, Group discussion, and more. But in this post, we will focus on Aptitude, Technical and HR rounds as most of the companies follow interviewing the candidate with these three rounds.

Job Interview Tips

Practicing Procedure:

Most of the companies follow the online assessment procedure. Several websites provide taking up free online aptitudes. By following those it will help you to sharpen your skills in solving mathematical questions. The majority of practice test papers that are prepared are according to the company-level questions. The more you practice the best and fast you will do in the aptitude round. Here are some of the websites to practice online aptitude questions. These websites not only provide you the sample questions but also give you a step by step procedures of how to solve any question.

Giant companies like Amazon, Google, Oracle, and other product-based organization has a different set of aptitude questions than service-based companies like Infosys, TCS, cognizant, etc.

Because of the level of hiring procedure of different companies, the below professional aptitude solving sites will help you to understand how to tackle the aptitude round of different organizations.

  •,,, and there are many. These are the most used sites to practice aptitude questions.
  • But if you have gone through all and want to more sharpen your skills you can use math solving apps. Surely when you step into using aptitude practicing apps you will solve the problems quicker and easier. Because the interface and design of mobile apps are easy and handy.


Job Interview Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude: It includes all the questions related to numerical and mathematical calculations. If you are not good at maths or it takes more time to solve one question then there will be difficult to clear this section. But it’s really easy and simple to solve those problems. There are many methods and tricks to solve all the questions just you have to focus on the quantitative topics that are mostly appeared. The following are common topics in which most of the questions are asked.

  • Number System, Speed and Distance, probability, Time and Work, Averages, Age Problems, Profit and Loss, HCF and LCM, Compound and Simple Interest, percentages, stream and boat questions, ratios and proportions, partnerships and others.

Verbal Ability: In this section, the company will check how good is your vocabulary and sentence-forming skills. To score good marks in this section you need to have strong English knowledge such as grammar, vocabulary, spellings and more. There are no tricks in this you just have to understand the question properly. Practice the following verbal activities.

  • Error detections, sentence formation, jumbled sentence, Idioms, and Phrases, Antonyms and Synonyms, comprehension. Practice more on jumbled sentences and comprehension understand the concept that will surely help to find the proper answer for a given question.
  • Spend some time reading grammar and its basic parts of speech such as Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Adjective, and more. Because spending a little time and learning about these important things. Further, it will help you to understand and answer the Verbal questions easily.

Logical Reasoning: Logical Reasoning is an important section that will check how quick you are in decision making. Here most of the questions you will find in the form of diagrams, images, and figures. The problems will be given in any of these forms and the appropriate answer should be chosen. So how to be perfect in answering logical questions. Firstly there will be two types of questions verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

Logical Verbal Reasoning: Verbal Reasoning questions will appear in the form of words and numbers. The more you need to practice on the following topics are Number, symbol and letter series, Blood relations, coding-decoding, Syllogism, Analogies, and others. However, it will become easier for you to answer if you understand the logic first.

Non-Verbal Reasoning: Non-verbal Reasoning questions will appear in the form of pictures and diagrams. Learn topics such as Image series, picture analogies, shapes construction, detection, and classification.


Job Interview Technical Round

Everyone knows that in the Technical round the interviewer will check how strong you are in terms of technology. Indeed, Software engineer candidates will mostly focus on studying programming languages.

If you are fresher then this round is very easy to clear because the interviewer will only ask basic questions. Experienced one may find it difficult because most often complex questions are asked.
Every organization has its way of asking technical questions.

Product-based companies like Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, etc will ask you to write complex code. They mainly ask questions related to Data structures and Algorithms. If you are going to attend an interview in a product-based company you need to have core knowledge in programming.

Now coming to the service-based companies like Infosys, Cognizant, TCS they will just ask you the basic questions of programming. They will also ask you to write one code. Most often they will tell you to write a code for prime number, Fibonacci, palindrome, factorial, Queue, and other basic programs. They will also ask you to write any of the above code in any of your preferred languages. If you are good at Java then write the code in Java, if C then write in C.

Luckily most of the Interviewer will make their candidate feel comfortable. So be calm and answer the questions asked by the interviewer.

Job Interview Tips for Technical Interview (service Based companies)

  • Learn DBMS basic queries such as finding the second-highest salary from the employee table.
  • Learn the basics of Data Structures such as sorting (binary, bubble), stack, queue, binary tree, and binary search tree.
  • Again be good at one programming language so that you can easily write the given program.
  • Every programming has some basic theory and concepts such as overload, constructor, array, strings, etc. It will be the same as viva interviewer will be asking you some theory-based questions.

Important Jobs Interview Tips

  • Be confident when you answer any questions. In a technical round, they will also check your communication skills.
  • An interviewer may also ask you. Do you have any questions for me? Tell the interviewer about your technical skills. If you are good at creating a website, debugging program errors, photoshop, animation, etc. Then express it to the interviewer. This will make the technical round more interactive.

Job Interview Tips: HR Round

Job Interview HR Round

The final round of your job interview. Everyone knows in this round you have to just speak speak and speak. The interviewer wants you to have good communication skills. Most basic question Introduce yourself. They want to know more about you. It can be your hobby, skills, achievements, strengths, and weaknesses.

Job Interview Tips for HR Round: You have practiced how you want to speak in the HR round. But if you are feeling uncomfortable to speak. Just make one good format for introducing yourself.

Sample Job Interview Tips Format:

Greetings: It’s a pleasure to introduce myself.

Name and place: I am Sandeep Kumar belongs to Rajasthan born and raised in Bangalore.

Education: If you are in the final year then you say I am pursuing my xyx degree in college name. If you have completed the graduation say I am a degree name (B.E, BCA, etc) graduate 2019 pass out candidate.

Skills: Say your overall technical skills. Ex: IT candidate can say as I am from a computer science background I have very good knowledge of computer software, hardware, and programming skills. After that say your technical skills.

Strengths and weaknesses: Say about your strengths and weakness in your related field.

Hobby: What you do in your free time. Say your hobbies and interest.

Family background: If you are willing to say about your family details. You can say in the end. Because the interviewer wants to know more about yourself first say all your education, skills, hobby and lastly about your family background.

The above format is just an example of how you can introduce yourself in a clear and good manner. With the help of the above format, you can come up with your format and express your introductory part in the best way.

Important Job Interview Tips:

  • Whenever you are attending a Job Interview make sure you go through the company details. Learn more about the company. They will ask you what you know about xyz company.
  • They will also ask you puzzle questions. Ex: About relocations, work time, shifts, etc., It depends upon you how you accept their requirements. Mostly they will just test your decision-making skills. So no need to think a lot about that. Just be confident.

These were the Job Interview tips for cracking all three rounds.

All the best for your interview.

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