Bosch to Create 3000 Jobs in India and Setup New Office

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Bosch to create 3000 jobs in India by setting up its new office.

Bosch to Create 3000 Jobs

Bosch to Create 3000 Jobs in Hyderabad

Bosch Global Software Technologies has been named the most recent global marquee business joining the growing list of firms by setting up new operations in Hyderabad. The German MNC has decided to set up the IT engineering, research, and development unit in Hyderabad, the capital of the state and it’s expected to create 3,000 new jobs.

“German MNC and a world leader in mobility, industrial engineering, and home appliances have chosen Hyderabad as a strategic location with its Bosch Global Software Technologies and R&D presence. The proposed facility will provide employment to about 3,000 people,” Rama Rao announced on Twitter.

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About Bosch

Bosch was founded by its headquarters within Kolkata in 1922. The company established its research, software, and development department within Bengaluru at the end of 1997. For the first time in twenty-five years in business, it made the decision to establish its headquarters in Hyderabad.

As per reports, the business is planning to hire over 5,500 engineers by 2022. The company plans to expand its collaborations with industry and academia as well as start-ups and collaborators for co-innovation and co-engineering.

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