Microsoft will Hire 50,000 Employees | Through LinkedIn

Microsoft careers and jobs

Good news: Microsoft will Hire 50,000 employees through the social networking employment platform LinkedIn.

Microsoft careers and jobs

Microsoft is all set to hire more candidates. Plans to Hire 50,000 Employees through LinkedIn. Last year due to the pandemic there was a great impact taken this leaded to closing of businesses where the services hit for both the workers and white-color employees who were able to do work from home.

Microsoft has initiated a step in which it aims to place 50,000 people in jobs. The company is looking for candidates who are trained in technical skills. According to Microsoft, the company is going to offer “ecosystem” jobs that can use or help sell its products.

LinkedIn is a social networking and employment service company. LinkedIn has made their paid courses available free of charge. The coursed includes such as digital skills training courses, software development, data analysis, and financial analysis.

According to LinkedIn, it will extend the free courses until the end of this year. Both the company Microsoft and LinkedIn have targeted 25 million people to get the free courses but surprisingly it has hit 30.7 million people.

The program from Microsoft and LinkedIn will focus on the United States in the beginning stage but will expand to other countries starting next year. 

About Microsoft:

Microsoft is an American multinational technology company. It manufactures computer Hardware and software.

It is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, the U.S.The company has more than 1,48,000+ employees worldwide.

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